• 2015 New JABO-5CG 2.4G ISM RTR GPS Fishing Bait Boat
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2015 New JABO-5CG 2.4G ISM RTR GPS Fishing Bait Boat

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2015 New JABO-5CG 2.4G ISM RTR GPS Fishing Bait Boat

Brand: JABO
Item No.: JABO-5CG

JABO-5 bait boat is JABO company developed based on summarizing former several ship manufacturing experience on a new bait boat. The ship structure adopts the modular design unique, has the advantages of stable running, strong wave resistance, low failure rate, convenient repair. Specification
Size: 680x550x280mm
Weight: 7.2Kg (with battery 6.4V/10AH Lithium X2)
Power supply: 2 groups of 6.4V/10Ah lithium battery.
Cruise speed: more than 1 m/s
Remote control distance: about 300m
Power motor: two groups of 550 reinforced type gear box.
The bait chamber load: 2kg * 2
The hanging line is: 2
The main action: forward, backward, turn left, turn right, feeding line, switch lamp.
The remote control device frequency: 2.4GHz 2.483GHz ISM band.
Remote control transmitting power: 20dbm
A remote control receiving sensitivity: -96dbm
Remote control power supply: 4.8v-6v 4 AA batteries (Not included)

01. All high-quality engineering plastics, injection molding, the entire ship beautiful appearance, durable.
02. Using the double hull structure, smooth sailing, wave resistance is strong, large payload. Suitable for fishing bait to hook the use.
03. Can delivery two hooks one time, two bait compartment can be individually or simultaneously feeding.
04. The 4 hull joints are provided with sealing rubber strip, excellent waterproof performance.
05. Power driven by double motor with 550 elongated, gear group, and the motor drives the propeller compared efficiency is greatly improved, with 2 groups of 6.4V/10Ah lithium battery, fast speed, strong endurance.
06. Function with a navigation light, convenient manipulation of navigation at night.
07. Front lighting lamp remote control switch, convenient for night fishing.
08. Motor stepless speed change operation, can realize the forward and back, left and right turn and pivot steering action.
09. ISM band 2.4G proportion remote control equipment, strong anti-interference ability, long distance remote control, and each boat work with a unique ID code, which make more boats work together without radio signal impact each other.

Package includes:
1x JABO-5CG fishing bait boat
1x Remote controller
1x Manual

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